First-Aid Kit

Social media’s Misinformation Pandemic is causing division, anxiety, and fear.

While we need social media to make big changes, in the meantime, we’ve put together some handy tools to help you protect yourself from the Misinformation Pandemic.

Misinformation Checklist

Use this handy step by step guide to discern fact from fiction throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ask The Medic

Decoding the Misinformation Pandemic isn’t easy. We’ve put our medic to work answering the tough FAQs.

The many faces of misinformation

While social platforms are entirely responsible for amplifying misinformation, the question remains – who’s peddling the posts?

Other tools


When misinformation goes viral, the RMIT & ABC fact check team is a reliable source for accurate COVID-19 reporting.

Poynter Covid-19 misinformation database

Gathers misinformation, detected by fact-checkers in more than 70 countries.

Ad Observer

A browser plugin that copies the Facebook ads you see to a public database, monitoring them and holding advertisers accountable.